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Want to learn more about Allinial Global and how it empowers its members to provide the accounting and business consulting services their clients need? We’ll be happy to put you in touch with the right person.

Job Dieleman, Executive Vice President and Global Market Director
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Direct Phone Number: +1 770-279-4904
Cell Phone Number: +1 706 224 3149

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AG AdvantEdge
Fostering the Improvement of Smaller Firms

The vision of AG AdvantEdge is to cultivate a best-in-class peer group where developing firms can access tailored resources, share best practices, and exchange technical expertise to better serve their clients while supporting each other’s growth and profitability.

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Association News

Oct 162019
AG Welcomes 3 New Members 10.16.19
Oct 42019
AG Named Rising Star Association 10 4 19
Sep 242019
AG Launches AGBR (AG Brazil) 9.24.19
Sep 232019
AG Welcomes Regional Director, Canada 9.23.19
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Human Resources

Your people are your greatest asset, and Allinial Global has the resources you need to help them thrive. In addition to holding an annual Human Resources Conference covering the latest HR trends, we have a dedicated HR professional on staff to assist you with specific issues, and we offer a range of custom tools and resources

Learning & Development

At Allinial Global, we know that experienced, well-trained professionals can better serve the needs of their clients, so we offer a full suite of professional development options to help you support employees “from hire to retire.” Tailored specifically for Allinial Global members and unavailable anywhere else, our professional development programs

International Connections

Whether you’re answering complex retirement questions for a client who lives and works abroad or helping a foreign corporation navigate state-specific trade zone qualifications, Allinial Global has you covered. With dedicated staff liaisons and member firms in over 140 countries throughout the world, we’re ready to help you secure the highest quality solutions to your business needs.

Technical Support

With Allinial Global, there’s no topic too obscure, no question too complex to be answered by the expertise of our members and the depth of our technical resources. Take advantage of round-the-clock support and best-in-class technical training designed for members and coordinated by a Vice President of Technical Services with nearly 30 years of experience in the accounting industry.

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