Professional Development at Allinial Global


Allinial Global presents about 200 events per year for association members including conferences, fly-ins, training, leadership development, roundtables, meetings, webinars, and conference calls.

Members gain valuable knowledge from participation and increased opportunities to network with their counterparts and peers at other accounting and consulting firms. As a NASBA sponsor, Allinial Global offers Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit for many of these events.

Allinial Global events are an integral part of the Transfer of Excellence concept: the sharing of knowledge and experience among members that increases their ability to serve their clients both locally and globally.

Allinial Global Events

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Feb 212017
Conference Call
Conference Call: Chief Operating Officer, 2/21/2017
Feb 282017
Webinar: Nurturing Young Professionals for Effective Leadership and Succession - 02.28.2017
May 082017
Conference Call
CoPs Conference Call: Canadian NPO 5/8/2017
May 092017
Conference Call
Conference Call: SALT 5/9/2017
May 102017
Conference Call
Conference Call: Canadian Tax Interest Group 5/10/2017
May 182017
Conference Call
Conference Call: Service Organization Controls (SOC) 5/18/2017
May 212017
2017 Firm Management Conference
Rancho Mirage, California
May 242017
Conference Call
CoPs Conference Call: Employee Benefit Plans 5/24/2017
Jun 282017
Conference Call
CoPs Conference Call: Employee Benefit Plans 6/28/2017
Jul 262017
Conference Call
CoPs Conference Call: Employee Benefit Plans 7/26/2017
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