Driving Global Commerce: AG Firms, Start Your Engines!

At Allinial Global, commerce continues to be one of our top priorities. And rightly so, because commerce unlocks some of the most powerful benefits of association membership, enabling seamless and superior client service and creating new business opportunities.

Within Allinial Global there is tremendous potential for mutually beneficial collaboration among member firms. But deliberate action is essential to realizing that potential. In our quest to become an engine for commerce, Allinial Global has been implementing a robust business development strategy that enables more interaction and relationship building.

Recent initiatives include the Commerce Consortium, specialty workshops and road shows, and regular conference sessions on driving global commerce. But as an Allinial Global member, you also play a vital role in the way that you engage and collaborate with Allinial Global peers. In this post we’d like to revisit some easy ways that you can help us accelerate commerce within the Allinial Global community.

Know What Good Commerce Looks Like

As part of our commitment to cultivating the right atmosphere for healthy commerce, Allinial Global has published a new Commerce Guide. In it we describe what good commerce looks like and offer guidance on the best ways for Allinial Global members to engage in it.

In addition to outlining the values that drive the association’s commerce strategy, the Commerce Guide pairs key values with actionable next steps and links to relevant AG resources. We cover topics such as what to do when a client needs support outside of your typical market or specialty areas, how to handle joint proposals and considerations for teaming agreements, and key elements to consider for successful referrals.

The idea here is to identify concrete steps your firm can take to maximize relationships and help us drive global commerce. There are endless opportunities to engage with your Allinial Global peers, from joining AG practice communities to participating in our progressive leadership programs, attending conferences and webinars, or stopping to visit a fellow firm during your travels.

Remember, Commerce Is a Verb

There’s a good reason why our Commerce Guide connects our business development values to an active framework—as our President and CEO Mark Koziel has said before, commerce requires action.

It’s no surprise that the member firms who benefit most in terms of referrals and commerce are the ones that invest regular effort into socializing and building business relationships with their AG peers. Whether this happens at Allinial Global events or through our member communities on AGConnect, the benefits are significant when firms commit to engaging regularly with association peers. Regular interaction supports solid working relationships that make it easier for AG members to win new clients and go to market together.

Never Say No

Belonging to an association of independent firms like Allinial Global gives you a unique opportunity to own the entire client relationship by providing services jointly with other Allinial Global members. No matter how complex client needs become, you’ll never have to say no to a client when you can go to market with the combined capabilities of all Allinial Global firms.

Collaborating with other AG members will help you navigate “conflict of interest” referral opportunities, improve your ability to cross-sell, and deepen client relationships. As we have observed in our most successful collaborators, active engagement with other AG firms is critical to ensuring that you’ll always be able to deliver the solutions your clients need.

We are excited to be driving a strategy that will help Allinial Global members realize the power of independent firms working together to increase commerce and enhance client service. If you haven’t done so already, stop by AGConnect today to download your copy of the Commerce Guide and learn how you can leverage your membership to support enhanced commerce.