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Want to learn more about Allinial Global and how it empowers its members to provide the accounting and business consulting services their clients need? We’ll be happy to put you in touch with the right person.

Job Dieleman, Executive Vice President and Global Market Director
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Direct Phone Number: +1 770 279 4904
Cell Phone Number: +1 706 224 3149


Allinial Global provides its members with a comprehensive suite of of resources designed specifically for independent accounting and consulting firms. Below is a sampling of the most popular tools and resources available to our membership.

AGTV is the go-to spot for all things Allinial. With quick, easy-to-understand “how to” video tutorials, it’s a perfect starting point to learn about all the tools and resources available through your membership.


This extensive worldwide database puts a world of accounting expertise at your fingertips, allowing you to search by location, industry expertise, and particular service area to find the best possible solutions for your clients.

Communities of Practice

We offer a variety of member-led communities that meet both virtually and in person throughout the year so you can collaborate with peers to win new business or grow specific niche or practice areas.

Dedicated Market Directors

Our strategic model features an innovative market director concept, with a full-time regional director dedicated to each geographic region to facilitate efficient connectivity and commerce among regional firms and the wider Allinial Global community.

Doing Business In

Perfect for clients who are pursuing cross-border engagements or expanding their business internationally, our digital library of customizable DBI brochures provides up-to-date information and statistics for over 190 countries for a modest per-use charge.

Ernst & Young Portal

Your Allinial Global membership includes free access to the EY Client Portal, a reference library of A&A and tax information, tools, resources, and publications designed to help you work more productively and better serve your clients.

Expertise Exchange Portal

Access the best and brightest within our membership to get answers to specific, client-driven questions that may require a more involved answer or billable time—without the hassle of setting up a new client for billing.

First Research

Enjoy preferred pricing for First Research’s virtual library of industry intelligence tools, including call prep sheets and state, province, and industry profiles that help you save time and position yourself as a trusted advisor.

Gallup Q12

Need a better way to measure and manage employee engagement? For an additional fee, you can use the Gallup Q12 metric to streamline the employee survey process and get straight to the insights you need to accelerate organizational performance and boost your bottom line.

Knowledge Connect

KnowledgeConnect is an online knowledge-sharing forum that connects you with fellow Allinial Global members so you can ask and answer questions, exchange resources, and interact with various niche and peer communities.

Leadership Progression Program

Designed specifically for our members and coordinated entirely in-house, our comprehensive Leadership Progression Program addresses six different levels of management training through a personalized, small-group approach that develops sustainable next-gen leadership step by step.

Marketing Tool Kit

Save time and show clients how they benefit from your membership to Allinial Global with our library of turnkey marketing resources and templates, including branded web and social media content, video promotions, print ads, letterhead, and more.


Your Allinial Global membership provides access to Sageworks ProfitCents, a web-based suite of financial analysis software that includes a variety of benchmarking and reporting tools through an annual subscription plan.

Prolaera Learning Management System

Created specifically for accounting firms, Prolaera allows you to select and purchase educational content and tools that establish a growth mindset in your firm. Its intuitive modern design supports mobile learning and features visual dashboards that make it easy to access courses and track CPE.

Pulse Performance Development

Ready to revolutionize your annual review process? Our exclusive Pulse Performance Development program simplifies annual reviews and reduces time-consuming paperwork so you can focus on more relevant strengths-based coaching and just-in-time feedback.

Strategic Relationships & Discounts

Allinial Global has identified and established key alliances and strategic relationships on behalf of its member firms. In many cases, members of Allinial Global can receive significant discounts on products and services available from these preferred vendors.


The Global Oppportunities (GO) program is designed to help your team members develop their business skills, apply them in different locations, and experience life in another country and culture.

Cultural Compass

Using a practical, personalized approach, Global Business Compass provides rich and engaging cultural awareness training programs that enhance your team’s global business intelligence. Enjoy access to a wealth of digital resources your team can use to develop skills that will help them build meaningful relationships with key international contacts and work more effectively across borders.


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