Get to Know the New Allinial Global Chief People Officer JoAnn Labbie

Late last year Allinial Global had the pleasure of welcoming back an old friend, JoAnn Labbie. After serving as the Allinial Global VP of Learning and Development from 2013–2017, JoAnn has returned as our Chief People Officer to continuously improve the association’s learning and development offerings and help members develop and implement future-ready strategies for their people.

It’s great to have JoAnn back at Allinial Global, and we hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better through this interview.

  1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is JoAnn Labbie. I am an educator and coach who loves equip others so that they can accomplish their goals. I have spent my career in the world of accounting as a tax professional, CPA, business advisor, and CFO.

  1. What are you most excited about rejoining Allinial Global?

I am very excited about being back at Allinial Global. I had great relationships with the AG team and member firms, and I look forward to renewing those relationships.

  1. Allinial Global is in the process of enhancing its Learning & Development programs, which will be implemented in 2024. Can you provide a high-level overview or a sneak preview?

I look forward to sharing what is NEXT with our education programs. They were designed many years ago, and the world as changed a lot since then. We desire to create an Allinial Global education experience where you learn with and from your peers, so we plan to develop cohorts that will meet between our sessions to enhance the networking and learning experience. We will also supplement our live sessions with virtual experiences and online learning.

  1. Allinial Global has always prided itself in having in-house staff in charge of Learning & Development. As our new Chief People Officer, how do you see your role evolving based on your previous tenure at AG?  

I spent the last five years working with firms to develop coaching, feedback, and mentoring programs. I led education sessions on leadership, effective communication using DISC, and building a culture with Positive Intelligence. I facilitated partner meetings and business planning sessions. That experience of being back in the firms will help me better serve our members.

  1. Tell us some fun facts about you, JoAnn the human. Is there something about you that most people don’t know?

I live in North Georgia, USA, and my family enjoys being on the water for boating and kayaking. My favorite activity is playing tennis.

I also love to paint and have been taking painting classes. These are my last two paintings.