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A Message from Allinial Global

In times of uncertainty due to the global pandemic, we want to assure our members, their clients, and strategic partners that Allinial Global is well prepared. We have invested in cloud-based IT solutions from day one, precisely so that we can continue to deliver the world-class service you are accustomed to without interruption.

As a member-based association, we exist to serve our members and their clients. Now more than ever that premise holds true. We are here for our members and fully prepared to support them as they navigate the unprecedented challenges of these difficult times.

Rest assured, the Allinial Global team is monitoring new developments continuously, and you can count on our agile and global workforce to be here when you need us. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Strategic Partners

Paychex -

COVID-19 Links from North American Allinial Global Member Firms
CountryAllinial Global Member FirmCOVID-19 Link
United StatesAbbott, Stringham & Lynch
United StatesATKG LLP
United StatesBarnes Dennig
United StatesBober Markey Fedorovich
United StatesBPM
United StatesDermody, Burke & Brown
United StatesEGP
United StatesEisnerAmper
United StatesGilbert CPAs
United StatesGorfine Schiller Gardyn
United StatesHantzmon Wiebel
United StatesHolbrook & Manter CPAs
United StatesHoltzman Partners
United StatesHerbein
United StatesPrice Kong
United StatesRiney Hancock
United StatesSansiveri. Kimball &Co., LLP
United StatesSaville, Dodgen & Company
United StatesSchechter Dokken Kanter
United StatesSEK CPAs
United StatesSobelCo
United StatesSweeney Conrad
United StatesWilliams-Keepers LLC
United StatesWolf & Company, P.C.
United StatesWipfli LLP
COVID-19 Links from Canadian Allinial Global Member Firms
CountryAllinial Global Member FirmCOVID-19 Link
CanadaSmythe LLP
COVID-19 Links from EMEIA Allinial Global Member Firms
COVID-19 Links from APAC Allinial Global Member Firms
CountryAllinial Global Member FirmCOVID-19 Link
AustraliaEnspira Financial
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Agility Recovery



Graham Durgan “Cut the Crap” podcast – Leadership in Times of Stress!AkAFC7ALGwuwj7UOnYWzMKEI8uwfkw?e=4iqcYj



Rangewell (UK resources)

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Small Business Administration (SBA) - SBA Loan Analysis Tool

Live Plan – SBA Loan Process Guidance


Thomson Reuters

QuickBooks - Paycheck Protection Program

Quick Fee Online payment services. If your office is closed or staff are working from home, you may need help collecting and banking checks. Online payments solve that and can be set up in 24 hours

Wolters Kluwer


Member Articles of Interest

Business Management


CW CPA – Advice from the Front Line


Practus – Rapid Impact Assessment tool

SEK CPAs & Advisors


Barnes Dennig – Individuals




Cash Flow

Bober Markey Fedorovich


Wipfli - Construction Firms

Wipfli - Manufacturing & Distribution

Governmental and Private COVID-19 Assistance Programs

EisnerAmper – Interactive Map by state

Displaced Worker Benefits



Industry Effects

Agriculture – Holbrook & Manter

Agriculture – Wipfli

Construction & Real Estate – Wipfli

Financial Services - EisnerAmper

Manufacturing & Distribution – Barnes Dennig

Manufacturing & Distribution – EisnerAmper

Not-for-Profit – EisnerAmper

Startup Community – EisnerAmper

International Tax Issues

EisnerAmper - “Substantial Presence” Residency Test Addressed by IRS in Reaction to COVID-19

EisnerAmper - IRS Provides Tax Relief for U.S. Citizens/Residents Living

EisnerAmper - IRS Questions and Answers – Information for Non-Resident Aliens and Foreign Businesses Impacted By COVID-19 Travel Disruptions

Managing Remote Employees


Gilbert CPAs


Paycheck Protection Program

Wipfli – Economic Safe Harbor for Loans Under $2 million

Personal Finance

EisnerAmper – Personal Considerations In the Wake of COVID 19


SBA Loans

Barnes Dennig

Bober Markey Fedorovich



Transfer Pricing


VAT Relief and Other Tax Issues

This is a list of resources, by country, with information on COVID-19 related tax changes. Where found, weblinks to a country’s information are included to provide information as up-to-date as possible. If you become aware of corrections needed or other information that should be listed, please send to Stephen Varley






Austria has implemented a VAT payment and penalty deferment application scheme for businesses directly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Monthly VAT payers may apply to their respective tax office for a postponement and instalment payment plan. This includes a waiver or renegotiation of penalty and interest payments on late settlement. If no permission is granted, businesses will be given one week’s extension automatically.




Belgium VAT filings may be delayed by two weeks and payments by two months because of coronavirus crisis concerns.


Bonaire, St Eustatius, Saba


Cayman Islands


China has exempted VAT on medical services, lifestyle services (e.g. restaurants, hotels, education, tourism and entertainment, catering and accommodation services, sundry personal services, hairdressing and laundry, etc.), public transport and delivery services in respect of essential living necessities to the residents. There are also preferential VAT policies for companies manufacturing masks and protective gear. VAT has also been reduced from 3% to nil for small businesses in Hubei Province and 1% for small businesses in other parts of China, effective from 1 March 2020 until 31 May 2020.

Columbia will provide delayed VAT payment terms for the first semester of 2020.

Costa Rica has provided a 3-month VAT payment deferment for taxpayers from 15th March. Corporate income taxes and customs duties are also suspended.

Cyprus will temporarily cuts its VAT rate from 19% to 17% until May 2020. The rate on tourism will be reduced to 7.5% until July 2020.

Czech Republic limited VAT measures for businesses - tax payment delays will be offered, but are not automatic. No extensions for filing deadlines have been announced.

Denmark will temporarily postpone payment deadlines by one month of VAT for companies above DKK50 million turnover. The measure will apply for three months, starting March 2020 return - deadline now 25th May.

Dominican Republic

Estonia Link to FAQs:

Estonia Link to FAQs:

EU Commission has suggested countries provide VAT payment holidays and act in unison. It has also relaxed the state-aid rules, which would permit VAT measures benefiting only specific businesses or sectors.

Finland is to offer an application process for waiving late charges on Value Added Tax settlements.



Germany Tax authorities can grant delayed tax payment to taxpayers that are affected by Corona. Based on the current statement of the German Ministry of Finance the deferral will not exceed December 31, 2020. However, this period could be extended later. Against the general rules for tax payments in Germany, the taxpayer should not have to pay any additional interests for the period of deferral. German Ministry of Finance declared that enforcement measure (garnishment of bank accounts etc.) will not be made till the end of the year if the taxpayer is effected by Corona.


Greece has given a four-month extension to pay VAT that falls due at the end of March in the most affected regions.

Hong Kong


India on 14 March has delayed the filings of GST filings for 2018/19 until 30 June 2020. It has also delayed the introduction of e-invoices until 1 October 2020. It has also postponed a GST rise on certain basics.




Italy has suspended payments for large businesses until later this month. Smaller enterprises are delayed longer till 30 Jun. Non-resident taxpayers must still meet 30 April filing deadline.

Ivory Coast

Jamaica plans to cut its General Consumption Tax from 16.5% to 15%.



Latvia link to Latvia website:


Lithuania is announcing VAT payment deferment and penalty waiver.


Malaysia is considering reinstating the Goods and Services Tax, withdrawn in 2018 for sales and service taxes. Accommodation services have been exempted from service tax.



Netherlands taxpayers in difficulties because of the current crisis may apply for a VAT payment holiday.

New Zealand

Norway is to cut reduced 12% VAT rate to 8% on public transport, cinema, sporting and cultural events.




Poland has delayed the extension of SAF-T VAT reporting and introduced a VAT payment holiday.


Puerto Rico

Romania introduces accelerated VAT credits.

Russia Latest updates on COVID-19 in Russia and in regard to supporting measures for Russian population and business:

Saudi Arabia


Singapore has deferred GST hike from 7% to 9% till after 2021. The hike was expected to be implemented in stages and be fully effected by year 2025. To address the economic uncertainties brought about by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak, a total of $5.6 billion has been set aside in Budget 2020 for the Stabilisation and Support Package and Care and Support Package. The $4 billion Stabilisation and Support Package aims to help workers stay employed through wage support and reskilling opportunities. It will also support firms with cash flow and operating costs. More help will be channeled towards five sectors affected by COVID-19 - tourism, aviation, retail, food services and point-to-point transport services. To help households weather through these uncertain times, a special $1.6 billion Care and Support Package will also provide timely help for Singaporeans, with the less well-off receiving more. WEBLINK



South Africa

South Korea has cut VAT taxes for small businesses, given tax boosts for consumers replacing their cars early and provided tax deductions on personal credit card spend.

Spain has closed its tax offices from 15 March for face-to-face meetings. There are suspensions of filing deadlines. It had previously announced VAT and other tax payment holidays for small businesses who apply for relief. The scheme is not available for large businesses (above €6m turnover) or if the VAT due is above €30m.

Sri Lanka

Switzerland offers to suspend all federal tax payments and social security contributions interest-free until the end of the year (particularly federal income tax and VAT).

Taiwan extension of next two VAT filings for enterprises affected by COVID-19. The original VAT filing deadlines of March 15, May 15 are extended to March 31 and June 1, respectively.

Thailand has exempted face masks from import VAT and reduced time waiting for VAT refunds to 15 days.


UK has announced on 11 March the opening of call centres to take requests for VAT and other tax payment delays from businesses which are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Ukraine Over the last few weeks there were numerous changes to Ukrainian legislation on tax matters connected to COVID-19 matters and effective in the last edition as of 02.04.2020. Please see a brief summary below

US Federal Link to IRS COVID-19 page:

US California suspends for 60 days interest on late sales tax remittances due to effects of virus or complying with health requirements.



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