Allinial Global Canada Regional Update

Canada experienced a hesitant yet promising new beginning coming out of COVID in 2022. Travel went from non-existent in the beginning of the year to a strong finish with visits to all of our firms and cross-border Canadian participation in the Summit & Global Forum in Las Vegas last November.

New Services and Resources

In 2022 we added many services specific to the Canadian region. In the first quarter we were able to run a pilot program for LumiQ, a technology-led learning and CPE certified platform. The analytics following the pilot program showed great feedback for the amount and ease of use as a learning tool, and we are proud to see this service now expanding to the United States with similar positive feedback.

A long-awaited tax technical resource was initiated in the fall of 2021 with the addition of Moody’s Tax Portal. This well-rounded tax and tax law resource includes an exclusive Allinial Global Canada helpdesk and hotline to a team of leading Canadian tax and tax law professionals, for all of our firms coast to coast.

We continued to collaborate with 20-20 Services for webinars through 2022 and will be aiming to release another Standards webinar in the first quarter of 2023.

Greetings and Salutations

“We are free!” said most travelers in the latter part of 2022. Restrictions lifted and Executive Vice President of Global Commerce Ozgur Demirdoven and I embarked on a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles−like roadshow visiting all of our firms across Canada. We even took in CCPA’s ONE Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. While still apparent that thoughts of COVID lingered with a small proportion of in-person attendees vs. virtual attendees, the conference was a great opportunity to connect, network, and discover some of the hot topics in the Canadian accounting industry. Many of Allinial Global Canada’s key vendor relationships, such as Caseware, were present.

The Allinial Global firm visits resembled that of family that had not seen each other or celebrated together in a long time. These conversations to discover the firms’ current climate, needs, challenges, and vision post COVID proved worthwhile for in-person discussions. Escaping the board room for a chance for lovely dinner or lunch was also on the agenda. We even had a chance to sit with our prospective firm in Montreal, Quebec!

As the Canadian Director, I was able to detour from a personal vacation overseas to pop into the Allinial Global EMEIA Regional Conference in Madrid, acting as an ambassador of sorts and advocating on behalf of our firms in Canada. This led to increased cross-border commerce between Europe and Canada in the last half of 2022, and a busy January 2023 as well.

Finally on the travel front was great Canadian participation in the Global Tax Conference and Summit & Global Forum in “Viva Las Vegas” fashion. Kraft Berger Partner Allan Jubenville championed the Global Tax Conference and represented the Canadian contingent well, and it was a successfully attended conference. With almost 500 delegates in total, this conference proved a valuable networking opportunity, with fantastic content and insights such as our opening session with Allinial Global President and CEO Mark Koziel.

Speaking of Family Gathering, Our Family Is Growing

With a lot of time invested in expanding services we also had an opportunity to explore what sustainable growth looks like in the region. We visited a firm in Toronto last September, and they gladly took us up on the opportunity to be our guest in Las Vegas at the Summit & Global Forum. Halfway through, Managing Partner Todd Louie of Quantum Business Law said, “I am just blown away. This is different than any association membership I’ve experienced or witnessed. How do we get in?”

After the recent completion of the application and approval process, I can proudly welcome Quantum Business Law to the Allinial Global Canada family! Apart from some unique services to round out the Canadian offering, they also provide a learning opportunity with webinars and content specifically for accounting firms. From new firms onboarded to the milestone of firms such as Kraft Berger celebrating 25 years in our association, Allinial Global Canada is a desirable climate to be a part of.

Where to from Here?

Canada is open for business! This year we will have a strong presence at Canadian conferences for a chance to forge new relationships and express the unique value proposition that is a seat at the table as an Allinial Global Canada member firm. We will continue to work collaboratively with our professional consultants that assist members with technical resources that help firms keep a finger on the pulse of the changing regulatory climate, and we will continue to grow the list of firms interested in membership.

If you would like to see what membership with Allinial Global looks like in 2023, please don’t hesitate to contact me.