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Job Dieleman, Executive Vice President and Global Market Director
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Direct Phone Number: +1 770 279 4904
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Through establishing excellence in the things that you do, it soon becomes pervasive in every aspect of your life. It alters your perspective and pushes you to become more than you thought possible. Excellence becomes contagious and inspires those around you.

The ideals and skills that you develop in this quest are truly transferable. Allinial Global strives to provide an environment where this Transfer of Excellence becomes the standard of all that we do. Through training, consulting and networking, Allinial Global assists members to not only achieve excellence, but to pass it along.

Transfer of Excellence embodies the concept of Allinial Global members sharing their knowledge and expertise among other members, and ultimately benefitting their clients.

Allinial Global resources and networking opportunities that promote the Transfer of Excellence for members include:

  • Over 100 live seminars, fly-ins, conferences, training, leadership development, and roundtables
  • Over 100 webinars per year with knowledgeable speakers and member-led discussions
  • About thirty Communities of Practice that provide opportunities for networking with other members within similar areas of practice or interest

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