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It’s almost April. Is it too late to make marketing trend predictions? Not if these trends will likely transform into timeless “traditions.”

How do I know which marketing trends are here to stay? Great question. I listen to accounting marketers while I host our monthly marketing community calls, networking events, and webinars. I follow our members on social media. Every day I receive a variety of questions from members all over the globe. Last but not least, I conduct regular member surveys on marketing topics such as budget, CRM, advertising, and websites. In other words, as a person who is deeply invested in the success of Allinial Global marketers, I’m in a unique position to see patterns forming before they make headlines.

Based on both qualitative and quantitative data gathered over the years, here are three accounting marketing trends that I expect to continue into 2022 and beyond.

  1. Leaning into Advertising. When I published our State of Advertising Benchmarking Survey two years ago, there were still quite a few firms who hadn’t considered advertising to be part of the marketing toolbox. Today, the majority of our member firms are onboard with advertising in various channels – mostly digital but some traditional media as well, depending on location and industry specialization. Advertising could easily be a topic for its own series, so I won’t let it hijack this blog post. But before I move on, I would like to make one recommendation: don’t forget about Facebook. LinkedIn is an obvious choice for accounting firms; it makes reaching your target audience easy, even if you have zero advertising experience. However, LinkedIn’s advertising cost is a lot higher. Moreover, having a LinkedIn account does not necessarily mean your target audience will be active on the platform. Depending on your service line or industry specialization, Facebook may be an excellent choice for your next awareness campaign.
  2. Prioritizing Client Experience. Every year, I notice more and more firms investing in client experience. Often, this means collaborating with companies such as ClearlyRated and Delighted to gather feedback from clients and identify a firm’s Net Promoter Score (NPS). The results are used not only to improve client experience but also to promote the firm’s brand, with client testimonials repurposed as content for the firm website, proposals, social media, and so on. We publicize the winners of “Best of Accounting” from Inavero each year, and I predict that the list of winners who are Allinial Global members will grow each year.
  3. The Rise of Employee Advocacy Software. Back in 2017 I was introduced to Clearview Social, a relatively new type of employee advocacy software that allows employees to share firm/company content with their own personal connections to amplify reach. Because Clearview’s founder was a lawyer by training, Clearview did well initially with law firms. But they quickly found that the accounting industry was a viable adjacent market, and the adoption of Clearview Social among accounting firms has grown steadily. As of today I know three Allinial Global member firms who have adopted Clearview Social, and there are more who are considering it. With so many Allinial Global members investing heavily in content marketing and looking to improve their content distribution, employee advocacy software is a worthy consideration for the marketing tech stack. In fact, I will be researching Clearview’s competitors for an upcoming blog in July entitled “Redefining Social Media Excellence.”

It was difficult to narrow down the trends to just three, but there they are. It’s fun to open myself to opportunities to be wrong publicly, but to err is human; to predict is to invite discussion.

What are your predictions for 2021 and beyond?

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