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Want to learn more about Allinial Global and how it empowers its members to provide the accounting and business consulting services their clients need? We’ll be happy to put you in touch with the right person.

Job Dieleman, Executive Vice President and Global Market Director
Email Address: jdieleman@allinialglobal.com
Direct Phone Number: +1 770 279 4904
Cell Phone Number: +1 706 224 3149

About Allinial Global

Allinial Global is an accounting firm association of legally independent accounting and consulting firms with offices in North America and throughout the world through international members and partnerships.

Allinial Global firms have the flexibility to find not just a good solution to your business challenges—but the best solution for you. Working with an Allinial Global firm means that you have access to the experience and knowledge of every firm in our organization through our Transfer of Excellence.

And because the Allinial Global structure is fluid, our reach is broader and our member firms can be more responsive, both locally and globally. There aren’t many business challenges that can’t be resolved or questions that can’t be answered by members of our association or their connections. Put the agility of Allinial Global to work for you.

The member firms of Allinial Global share education, marketing resources, and technical knowledge in a wide range of services and sectors. They have access to a broad array of resources and support that benefit both our member firms and their clients in eight key impact areas:

    Learning & Development

  • Become a leader you’d want to follow through progressive leadership development.
  • Trust the guidance of an advisor up-to-date on the highest levels of technical training.

    Human Resources

  • Improve employee retention through the Retaining Employees Through Active Involvement Now (RETAIN©) program and develop talent from hire to retire.
  • Collaborate with advisors who are in it for the long haul and dedicated to your continued success.

    International Connection

  • We’ll go wherever we need to secure the highest quality solutions to your business needs, whether in or outside of our association.
  • You’re covered wherever you do business: get the best solution, not the best available.

    Technical Support

  • Depend on your Allinial Global Technical Support liaison to connect you directly to an experienced specialist.
  • Have confidence that your advisor will provide a tailored solution to all your business needs.

    Communities of Practice

  • Tap our collective experience in a wide range of industries and service lines through our online portal and both in-person and virtual events.
  • When advisors keep abreast of industry trends, you work with leaders who keep you ahead of the competition.

    Marketing Resources

  • Reduce your learning curve by connecting to peers who’ve already implemented the marketing projects you’re considering.
  • An Allinial Global firm won’t bombard you with self-congratulatory promotions. Get the educational content that will help you make sound business decisions.

    Information Technology

  • IT services are like umpires: you shouldn’t even notice they’re at work. Keep your technology on track with our education and best practices-sharing.
  • Rest assured that your personal data is protected by advisors who value your security and keep abreast of security best practices.

    Practice Management

  • Go through your firm with a fine-toothed comb: learn how you can improve your processes with the Firm Management Review and benchmarking tools.
  • Work with a dynamic firm devoted to continuous improvement. Allinial Global firms are proud, but never satisfied.

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